Your security is too important to DIY

call in the lock and door repair specialists

With the second bank holiday this month approaching very quickly, it is a time for most home owners to catch up on all the odd jobs that need doing around the house. However, a recent survey by Zurich Insurance has highlighted the accidents that can happen when carrying out a bit of DIY. One in five homeowners have injured themselves while attempting DIY projects, that is a massive 21%!

As Master Locksmiths, we can advise you on securing your home and ensuring that you have the best locks on your windows, doors, garages and garden sheds. Locks that will protect against intruders and will satisfy home insurance guidelines. Doing it yourself can leave you vulnerable to burglary.

So, call us Capital Locksmiths on 020 8361 1400 to arrange an appointment, so there will be no trips to A&E this bank holiday.