What is a distraction burglary?

A distraction burglary is exactly what is says. The perpetrator tries to gain access to your home by trying to trick you into believing they need help or are officials (such as the water board or the gas man). It’s simple to fall for if you are thinking about other things like the kids or work.

A nasty distraction burglary in London

I have been a locksmith for over 15 years and have come across a lot of customers who have had burglaries and attempted break-in’s. However, I did find a recent distraction burglary particularly distressing after seeing the effect it had on the victims and indeed the whole family.
On this occasion, my customer was panicked by incessant bell ringing and rushed to open the door, fearing that someone had been run over or had a heart attack outside.

There were two men in high visibility vests, saying that there was a serious gas leak in the property and that it could blow up (the distraction). So my customer and her husband, who are both in their 70‘s, let the men in and they all went into the kitchen.

The men made sure they left the front door open and once they had the homeowners sufficiently distracted, their accomplices came in through the front door, went upstairs and rifled through drawers in search of valuables.

During the ordeal, the homeowner said she wanted to go outside as she was feeling faint, the men did not allow her to do this. Shortly after this, all the men left the property and the victims phoned the police.

How do you prevent distraction burglary?

If you do hear a lot of banging and noise outside your home, the best advice to give is to not open your door if you do not know who they are.
This crime happened in North London but it could take place anywhere in the country. Please tell anyone to be aware that this can happen to them, especially vulnerable and elderly people. Burglar’s are coming up with more devious ways of getting into homes.

For further advice or assistance with distarction burglaries, please contact Kevin who will be happy to help.