What is the most burgled borough in London?

the most burgled borough in london

Barnet is the most burgled borough in London unfortunately

A recent survey by RAC Home Insurance stated that the London Borough of Barnet had 243 burglaries in the months August, September and October. That makes it the most burgled borough in London with an Annual Risk of Burglary per Residence at a whopping 1.65%.

So you live in the most burgled borough in London?

This may sound like a nightmare but that needn’t be the case. A few security updates and you can seriously reduce the risk of burglary. Kevin and his team are fully experienced and will suggest the most effective burglar detterrants for the area.

Should I be alarmed?

Yes you ‘shoudl be alarmed’ but by that we mean that you should have an active burglar alarm for maximum security. Alarms and deterrents vary in cost but Kevin can certainly recommend the most cost effective option for your property.

Barnet has the highest burglary rate in London

Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in burglaries in rescent years, especially in the Finchley area.  Burglars are also becoming more brazen, so make sure you know who you are answering the door to during the day. Always check ID of any workmen coming to your door or entereing your house. Doblke check with a phone call or online.

The right locks can help significantly

We recommend checking that you do have the right locks on your doors and windows. Check that your garden is not an easy entrance and escape route. Put a trellace or screw prikka strip to the top of your fences. This is especially important if you have a side entrance or back on to any type of alleyway. Paying attention to these security details will often put a burglar off burgaling your property.

Capital Locksmiths are part of the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) and are CRB checked and qualified as Master Locksmiths. We have over 15 years experience (in Barnet) in dealing with lock replacement after a burglary and so are able to deal with all your domestic and commercial lock issues.

Call us today and arrange a free security survey to make sure your home and work place deter burglar’s.