Looking for replacement Brisant keys?

If Capital Locksmiths have fitted your Brisant lock and your key(s) look like a key in the picture, please fill out the form.

If your key has a 5 digit code after MD, please enter it on the form. If there is no code after the MD, please leave the section blank.

How to order extra keys:

  1. Complete the request form below.
  2. We will send a VAT invoice to your email address
  3. Once the invoice has been paid via bank transfer, we will confirm with you we have received payment. The key order will be placed with NRMS and dispatched by courier
  4. You will receive delivery updates from NRMS and the key(s) will be delivered to your chosen address within 3 working days

Request Form

    First name*

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    Email address*

    Phone no.*

    1st key no.*


    2nd key no. (if required)


    3rd key no. (if required)


    Address where lock is fitted

    Address where keys are to be delivered (if different)

    We operate a ‘zero spam’ policy and do not share your details.

    Brisant keys

    Extra key prices

    How to pay for your extra keys will be included on your invoice.

    • Keys: £13.00 + VAT per key
    • P&P: £8.95 + VAT per order

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